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Thursday, March 20, 2014

I wrote my book to work myself out of a job.  My purpose is to teach you how to get your own messages by yourself, so that you don’t need to use an intermediary like me.  I’m like the good doctors these days who advise taking up salsa, becoming a vegan, or running a marathon. Hopefully, I’ll get you enough information and encouragement that you can take up your own bed and walk. That’s the point.
Life is better when it’s guided.  Of course our intuition is feeding us information all the time, and we have hunches, déjà vu, and premonitions. We can use them or ignore them. In my experience, it is thrilling and delightful to interact with the invisible intelligence we’ve been given, like living in a mystery novel with constant twists. I highly recommend it.
People always ask me if I’m psychic for myself, and the answer is, “Yes, but it’s limited.” If I knew everything ahead of time, life would be boring and I wouldn’t learn. I might even become jaded or lose my sense of empathy for others. So luckily, plenty of disasters and surprises still happen to me. But being guided, and tuning into my guidance, has shifted both my experience and my perspective to one of awe, wonder, and gratitude. Even “through a glass darkly,” it’s worthwhile to ask, tune in, and align with the flow of Life.
Radio is my favorite job ever, ever, ever.  The way I run my show is to help as many callers as possible, taking up to 30 callers in an hour on the one community radio show where we don’t have to run advertisements.  I love the spontaneity, the challenge, and of course the impact — our programs can be heard worldwide via the internet, and radio still far outstrips TV here in Africa.
Psychics are people, too.  I’ve gone through phases as a monk, living by myself in a tiny cottage and meditating all day and all night.  Now I’m in a “householder” phase - I’m a mom, doing the school run, playing Legos. One of my aims is normalising my profession, “coming out” in society and being a public, ethical professional who consults with you like an investment counsellor or a lawyer. I’d like to form a Board of Ethics around psychic practitioners and draw up an agreement of best practices we would adhere to.
I am not reading your mind.  This is another one people always want to know, usually when I meet them for the first time.  I work only when I’m working, much like a dentist at a party who doesn’t set down her wine glass to reach her fingers into your mouth and wiggle your faulty molar.  In any case, I wouldn’t be reading your mind even during our professional session: I am translating messages to you from your angels and Spirit Guides, which is a different matter altogether.
My beliefs don’t influence the messages. I am Catholic, I am female, I am American, I am 44, I tend toward progressive politics — and none of that matters when I am working. I am a clean channel, and if your Guides advise you to vote Republican, well, there you go. I’ll say it. At the same time, the Guides constantly ask me to research fields unknown to me: genetics, brain chemistry, architecture, technology — so that I will be able to provide you with up-to-date and useful information.
Being an empath can be a real drag.  For years I was picking up other people’s symptoms and pains, without understanding that they weren’t mine. Now I can feel just a momentary flash of, say, a migraine, and it gives me a clue about how to help the client. I prayed and negotiated with my Guides so I wouldn’t have to carry people’s stuff around any more. But when I stop my self-care program of sleeping, eating, and exercising properly, my “wei qi” (a Chinese concept of a boundary aura) slips, and I catch clients’ illnesses.
Children should be seen, heard, and believed.  When I was a child, I “knew” things I couldn’t have, or shouldn’t have. Certainly I was observant and intelligent, but my conclusions went far beyond that. While being careful never to use children, I think we should encourage their sixth sense as much as we develop their first five. We all have untapped treasures within us.
In GUIDED! Shannon combines practical how-to’s and case studies with magical worldwide adventures, reminiscent of Elizabeth Gifford’s Eat, Pray, Love and Sonia Choquette’s Trust Your Vibes.
Shannon’s voice in GUIDED! How to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides is as strong and bright as her personality. Her concise and ‘to the point’ method of writing is refreshing.
In the biography section of the book, Shannon is candid about her tumultuous journey, which includes much sadness and hardship. She writes with empathy.
There are two main sections to the book:
Part I – Ways to Hear from your Guides – is practical and describes in detail how to make a connection with your angelic helpers.
Part II is an inspiring biography of Shannon’s life and is as entertaining as it is informative.
For an interview or review, contact: Ben, the rep for Pat Grayson, Publisher Graysonian Press, or (083) 610-1113. For more information on Graysonian Press, a South African publisher of spiritual and inspirational books, go to
“Guided: How to communicate with your spirit guides” by Shannon Walbran
Review date : 2009-03-06
Book review by Rev. Dr. Ralph Thomas Shepherd for Body and Mind by Antonet–Nirvana Lange.
This book by Shannon Walbran, seeks to assist readers to discovers their own soul’s purposes’ and learn techniques to improve your health, happiness and enlightenment. Shannon does this by describing her own life plan and how she was led through very exciting and thrilling life experiences.
Shannon was led from the US where she was born in 1969, the same year as Anastasia, the Russian leader for social and cultural change currently becoming an international phenomenon. Shannon describes in detail her childhood and the accompanying struggles that contribute to her future. She had a childhood embedded in spirituality and describes her consciousness of fairies and other supernatural experiences. Later she also describes her struggles with her high school activities like ADD and food allergies. One can see them as instrumental in forming her spiritual stature in the years to come.
As Shannon moves into adulthood, we will see her undergoing multi-cultural experiences thereby continuing her ‘spiritual schooling’ which is now opening up for her in a most remarkable way. Shannon is now living in South Africa and is proving a successful guide for those wanting an in depth understanding of their own lives.
Most people only experience spiritual events as separate from normal phenomenon. It seems that with what we are currently experiencing globally. Humanity is standing on the brink of a global crisis of immense proportions. Within the next few years, a whole new paradigm of human development will reveal the work of Shannon Walbran as crucial for human beings as she will be able to help many people to see a meaning future for themselves and their families.
Shannon’s background in radio and not-for-profit work has prepared her for the kind of life that bridges both the spiritual and physical world. Her book, “Guided” will help many souls find solace in the years to come.
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Rating – G
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