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Why Do They Leave Christianity & Come to #Islam? by Aicha Zoubair #Religion #NonFiction

Monday, March 17, 2014

Where can we find the truth about God? The truth is found in the last scripture, the glorious Quran and in the Bible itself. Unfortunately, the Roman church wanted dominion over the world, and the meaning of what was originally written in the Bible was changed, which gave birth to a religion where the sovereignty of God has been destroyed and replaced with the worship of a divine Christ. We shall see that the truth was muddled when the true followers of Christ were persecuted for keeping the Law and for rejecting the pagan way of worship. But God did not leave us in the dark; he sent us the most incredible book of guidance on earth: the unchangeable Quran.
Christianity is a religion that has dominated the West for centuries; but, today, the religion that makes the headlines, unfortunately, for the wrong reasons, is Islam. Despite the negative image, generated mainly by isolated acts of terrorism and suicide bombings, Islam is the fastest growing religion in this part of the world. Satan cannot change the last revelation sent down to mankind, the Quran, but he can certainly manipulate the way people interpret it, if they don’t have the correct knowledge and understanding of the scripture. Suicide, suicide bombings, ransom killings for example, are categorically forbidden in Islam. The unfortunate Muslims who engage themselves in such acts have indeed tarnished the best way of life that the Almighty Lord chose for those who want to enter heaven.
If you have ever wondered how Islam and Christianity are similar and different, be ready to learn some of the most interesting facts in this well written and well researched book.
You think you are saved in Christ, think again! This book overthrows the lies that has been spread in the name of Jesus and will make you reflect upon your Christian beliefs. Salvation cannot be found in the blooded cross but is found in the last scripture: the Quran.
You will understand why Islam in its many pure forms attracts so many in the Western part of the world. With thousands upon thousands leaving Christianity behind, you might wonder what Islam has to offer what Christianity does not… Did Jesus really die while being crucified, as he was a submitter to God's will? With scriptural evidences, you will learn that the name of God was removed from the Bible. Not only does the author's new book answer these questions, it is also objective research into the Muslim and Christian scriptures, to understand why Jesus was sent for and what his message was… If you are ready to learn why Islam is the religion of truth that God wants all of us to follow, or if you are currently interested in learning how Islam is different from what you learn and see on television, the author's new book is a must to read. You will not be disappointed, as you will learn a lot, and maybe even see an opportunity to change your spiritual life for the better.
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