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Friday, April 4, 2014

Catching the Fire
I am sure that being a Christian for any length of time, you have heard the term revival. Revival is a term that refers to a specific time of increased spiritual renewal in the church or congregation. I think of it as a time of refueling the fire. I believe that God looks down on the earth, in its dark and chaotic times, to see his children that he has called his light of the world (Matt 5:14–16). Why is it that when we feel a move of God, so great that it’s usually in the church? I believe this to be that when you have enough light in one place, we now have God’s attention (remember it’s not only the gathering of light but our praise and worship). 
If you’ve seen any wedding ceremonies, the husband and wife might decide to symbolize their marriage by taking one candle each, and with that, they are married. Symbolically, they position the candles to make two single flames into one large single flame. When there is a revival, if you notice that churches are at overflow capacity, there a breakout of praise and worship can last for hours or even days before anyone speaks or prayer entails. Now you have a light so bright in one place it makes it hard to ignore. 
God is always looking for a heart that he can love and trust, willing to be faithfully following him daily. I believe, especially during this time of revival, that God is pleased and finds what he was looking for. Please understand I am not saying this is the only time he shows up. Even as it states in Matt 18:19, “Where two or more gather in my name there I am also.” 
We have to make a change and a difference to reach others who cannot find their way. If our light cannot shine, then it will be like the blind leading the blind. I believe we can position ourselves to no longer be a single-lit candle but many together to be a flame that can light the way for God’s hand to move and for the lost, hurting, and sick to find their way to the almighty to share in his salvation, love, and everlasting peace. Get ready!
This book is a biblical perspective on how God wants us to see and get through the trials that life brings our way. It is a book of conversations and things brought to our attention that we may not always see and how through scripture God wants us to get through them.
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