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The Grower’s Gift (Progeny of Time #1) by Vanna Smythe @Vanna_Smythe #YA #Dystopian

Saturday, August 30, 2014

“How is this possible?” her father demanded, pulling Maya back from collecting the wheat, his voice hoarse, almost threatening. “These were no more than shoots this morning.”
Maya looked into his eyes defiantly. “I did this with my gift. I let the life giving warmth water them, and make them grow. I also made sure the shoots survived after the floods.”
Maya cowered when her father grabbed her arms, his strong fingers digging into her flesh painfully. “You will stop this silly talk. You can’t heal with your touch!”
Spittle hit her face, and his blue eyes bulged the way they did every time he got angry. Maya wasn’t about to back down, not with the proof of her powers brushing against her legs in the breeze.
“How can you say that?” she yelled, pulling herself free from his grasp. “This wheat is ready for picking.”
Giles and her mother had followed them outside. Her mother was staring from one to the other, opening and closing her mouth. Giles shook his head slightly behind her mother’s shoulder.
What was he saying? That she should calm down?
He was right, probably. Yet she had to make them understand, had to make them believe.
Her father pushed her aside and started trampling the wheat viciously.
“No!” Maya yelled and threw herself at him. He pushed her back and continued to destroy the crop.
Giles wrapped his arm around her chest and pulled her back.
“Let me go!” Maya yelled, fighting against Giles’ arm. “Dad! Stop it! What’s wrong with you?”
“Be quiet! No one must see this.” Her father started kicking soil over the destroyed crop.
“Why? Imagine all the food we could grow! Why can’t I practice my magic?”
Her father moved to her side so quickly that Giles pulled her back out of his reach. “Magic? I see no magic, just a silly girl with crazy ideas who will get hurt because of them. I will not hear you speak of gifts again. And if you ever do such a thing as this again, we are leaving this town.”
Maya could count on one hand the number of times her father had truly lost his temper. His anger tonight made all those times pale in comparison. Yet, he was being unreasonable.
“Why can’t you accept that I have a special gift?” Maya rounded on her father, Giles’ arm still tight around her chest.
“You do not have a gift!” her father hissed. “This is dangerous talk. You could be kicked out of town for saying it. And how would you survive then? Out in the Badlands all alone with no drinking water and no food, and who knows what prowling around?”
“I could make an oasis,” Maya retorted.
“Let’s go back inside,” her mother pleaded softly. Maya ignored her.
She finally succeeded in prying away Giles’ arm and took a step towards her father.
“I have the ability to feed this whole town and I plan to use it! I am of age now. You can no longer tell me what to do,” she said, keeping her voice low.
The muscles in his face tensed into a grimace, and Maya was sure he would strike her. Her mother stood between them and took hold of his arm.
“She is of age.”
She turned to Maya, such sadness in her eyes that had been so bright not half an hour ago. “I bought the grains from a strange merchant who came here for market day about a month ago. Who knows what kind of mutated gene strand they contained? Maya, please listen to your father. He only wants the best for you. Let’s not argue anymore. Let’s go inside.”
She tried to pull Maya’s father after her, but he stood his ground and looked around nervously. “At least no one else saw this.”
The future is bleak in the year 2102. The planet is in chaos and the weather patterns have completely shifted, turning most of the world into an uninhabited wasteland.
The rich and powerful of North America have pulled back into the six remaining megacities, erasing all trace of a central government and leaving millions displaced by the environmental crisis to fend for themselves in the dying world.
Sixteen-year-old Maya has a gift, a power she thinks can heal the earth and make it habitable again. A gift that she must learn to harness. The school for the gifted in Neo York is the only place where she can learn to control her power and reach her potential.
Yet the school is not what it seems. Ran by the ruthless head of the city of Neo York, the school’s only objective is to extract the powers of the gifted and then discard them. Only Ty, heir to the city, can keep Maya from being destroyed there. But Ty has a secret, and his loyalty to his family has never wavered.
Will his growing love for Maya be strong enough to save them both?
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Genre - YA Dystopian
Rating – PG-13
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