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Hearts Unfold (Miracle at Valley Rise Book 1) by Karen Welch #Women #Fiction #Romance

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It seemed to Emily that her father must have known.  He must have read the misery in her eyes and drawing on what little strength remained, he’d roused himself to give her the benefit of his wisdom one last time.

Three barely discernible words, stammering and slurred, forced from his unwilling lips with such tremendous effort, yet they had spun a web of possibilities in her brain.  She argued with herself that it was her own directionless longing that magnified those words, transforming them into what sounded like fundamental wisdom.  She was grasping at straws in her need to find some way to put her life back on track.  She had prayed for a sign, for clarity, for a miracle.  What she received seemed to be a mere suggestion, a few words uttered by a man who might not even realize what he was saying.  But she couldn’t accept that.  Her heart urged her to believe otherwise.  In the end, she had followed her heart.
Now here she was, at home as she had never expected to be again, and she was certain beyond any shadow of a doubt that her father had sent her.  Pop must have known the future she was blindly seeking lay in her past, in the dreams and plans that once appeared shattered but were in fact hers for the rebuilding.  Had he known that once she walked back into the house, saw that it was waiting for her to return, she would understand what she was meant to do?  Perhaps he’d merely been encouraging her to come back, to see what was here and decide what she wanted for herself.  It would be like him to tell her to try something, and if it didn’t work out, chalk it up to experience.  Failure was most often in the hesitation, he’d always said.
It hadn’t been quite that easy.  She’d fought a protracted battle with her more practical side.  There were obvious flaws in the logic of just coming here alone in search of answers to questions too painful to put into words.  She would have to try to explain something she couldn’t make sense of herself.  She would have to stand firm against the arguments that the house had been closed up for years, that a nineteen-year-old girl had no business alone in such an isolated place, that she should be spending the holidays with friends, not closeting herself away to brood over the past.  In the end, coming here without telling anyone seemed by far the easiest thing to do.  That led to the question of where to tell them she was spending the Christmas break.  They would all want to know, Jack, Angela, the kids at school, especially Penny, even Mike and Sara.  She had handled that with what she knew to be a despicable lack of honesty.

~~Miracle at Valley Rise Series~~
Hearts Unfold~Book One
Entreat Me Not~Book Two
Heart of My Own Heart~Book Three
Offered for Love~Book Four

A secret Christmas homecoming, a blinding snowstorm, and in the course of one night two shattered lives will be changed forever.Nineteen-year-old Emily Haynes had lost almost everything she loved. Relying on what seems to be guidance from her invalid father, she returns to her past in hopes of discovering some sign toward the future. What begins as a joyous homecoming quickly becomes a nightmare when a badly injured stranger stumbles on the scene, his brief presence threatening to alter everything Emily believes about herself and the plan for her life. 

A less determined girl might have been shaken by such an experience, but not Emily. She is certain she’s made the right choice, so certain that in the following three years, she almost convinces herself.Superstar violinist Stani Moss appeared to have everything–fame, fortune and a career guaranteed to bring more of the same, until one hasty decision placed it all in jeopardy. Terrified and confused, Stani struggles not only to recover his former skill, but to find answers to the questions which haunt him. Throughout his slow journey back, one image lingers in his buried memories of that fateful night–the vision of a girl he’s never met. The journey will eventually lead him to Emily, and beyond that day, everything about his life will be transformed.

Set in the years around 1970, Hearts Unfold begins the saga of two people whose paths should never have crossed, who defy the odds to create a place they can share. The first of four volumes in the Miracle at Valley Rise Series, this novel could stand alone as a triumphant tale of romance, but there’s much more to the story, as Emily and Stani reveal their pasts and strive to bridge the distance between their worlds. Follow their progress, be entertained by their adventures, and perhaps be inspired by their unwavering belief in the transforming power of love.
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Genre - Women’s Fiction, Saga Fiction
Rating – PG-13
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