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Model of Productivity: Brian White’s Average Day #Mystery #Crime #AmReading

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Model of Productivity: Brian White’s Average Day
Writing is one of those jobs that makes people wonder what authors do when they’re not writing. In my case a typical day usually involves feeling guilty for not writing when I happen to be doing something else. Like eating. Or working at my day job (paramedic). This is especially true when I’m in the middle of a longer project. Here’s an example of what most of my days were like when I was working on my new book, Nightfall.
Set alarm for 5:00am. Vow to get straight out of bed and write for three hours straight before taking a short break for a glass of water, then continue writing for another three hours.
Shriek like a girl as alarm clock rips me from sleep. Hurl phone across room to silence alarm and go back to sleep.
Wake up to hungry cat licking my fingers and purring. Ignore cat and roll over to get more sleep.
Wake up to cat curling up so that her butt is approximately one nanometer from my mouth. She’s purring louder.
Fling cat out of bedroom and latch the door.
(Note: I didn’t really fling her. It was more of a gentle, loving nudge . . . by which I mean it was a fling.)
Wake up, again. Cat is now scratching at bedroom door and yowling. Wonder why the gods have cursed me with such malicious cuddly ball of cute that requires such annoyances as regular feedings.
Open bag of cat food and leave it open on the floor where she can get to it. Feel satisfied that feeding problem is taken care of for at least two more days.
Sit down at computer and bring up the story I’ve been working on. Time to get some serious writing done.
Sit down at computer with coffee and look at what I’ve got so far. Time to get some serious writing done.
Finish counting individual pixels on computer screen. Time to get some serious writing done.
Put down the book in which I’m currently engrossed that I’ve been reading for the last three hours instead of working on my own stuff. I know it’s going to be a hot ticket in about a month, and I’m feeling smug because I know that I was into it before everyone else – also, my understanding of the characters is far deeper than anyone else’s. Time to get some serious writing done.
Put down book again, finished. Contemplate mixed feelings about what was, essentially a good yarn, but with an ending I’m not sure the author spent enough time on. Time to get some serious writing done.
Finish argument on Internet forum regarding the book I’ve just read. Some people just don’t get it. Philistines. Oh well, time to get some serious writing done.
Realize that laziness has prevented me from achieving anything meaningful in life, and out of sheer guilt sit down at the computer and write stream of consciousness into manuscript for the next two hours. Feel a little better about self and life choices.
Ensure door is latched to keep out cat. Set alarm for 05:00am. Assure myself that tomorrow I will leap out of bed, land at the computer and start writing for three. Whole. Hours. I’m going to get some serious writing done.

A beautiful young escort is strangled to death, her corpse discarded in a back alley dumpster. The killer’s identity is a mystery, and the homicide has gone almost unnoticed. Welcome to Middleton, where these things happen every night and the police are too busy or too jaded to notice.
Ezzy Morgan once roamed these blue collar streets as a paramedic. Here she was weaned from innocence and taught the cold-blooded nature of the human heart. Now she works as a private detective and has shut the door on shootings, stabbings, and the constant specter of death. But her life is about to be shattered when the dead woman’s only surviving friend seeks her out, looking for justice.
Clues are sparse and the trail seems to be a dead end before it has even begun. But the mystery takes a macabre turn after another death is dropped at Ezzy’s feet, and she’s hit with an ultimatum from the world of organized crime: find the killer in the next twenty-four hours . . . or die.
This murder mystery turned terrifying struggle between life and death will expose a cover-up spanning two generations involving a sadistic psychopath, a burned-out cop with a cocaine habit, and a powerful man willing to commit murder just to ensure a secret stays buried.
With the noose tightening and the clock winding down to her own demise, Ezzy must come to terms with a darkness she thought she’d left behind years ago. Nightfall has come to Middleton, and she might not live to see the dawn.
Brian White has crafted a captivating tale in the new noir. Nightfall, with its crisp prose and razor-sharp dialogue, is a thrilling tale of crime and suspense that grips you by the throat and doesn’t let go until the end.
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Genre - Crime, Noir, Mystery
Rating – R
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