Broken Pieces

Jack Canon's American Destiny

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My family had this really weird connection. If there was ever anything wrong with any of us, our phones would call each other, and the person that owns the phone would not even show it in the call history. So when we called the person back, and they were completely lost, we knew that there was more to the story. Most of the time it was just that someone needed to talk or had something on their mind that they couldn’t quite put together. Either way, the phones always knew exactly who to call. I picked it up, knowing that she would just call again. “What are you doing up this time of night, Ma?” I asked instead of the usual greeting.
“Why are you calling me at this ungodly hour? Oh wait; it’s one of those calls isn’t it?”
Indeed it was. “Yes Ma, I guess it is; any advice?”
She sighed heavily into the phone. “I guess you’re active again. So all I have to tell you is to follow your heart and stay safe. But why now after so long; I thought you were giving it… a rest?”
She made it sound like I had broken a vow of celibacy.

The modern day heroes assembled in this journey get to go to places most people will never see. With the gifts of the spirit and some other talents added to the bunch, they restore faith, hope in order into the world, while shaking it up in themselves. If you are a sci-fi extraordinaire looking for a good read, or if you need an escape from worldly limitations…join the cast of Party of Gifts.
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