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Quick Chat with Phil Davidson on Life & DREAMER @davidsonnovels #AmReading #Drama #Fiction

Saturday, May 17, 2014

1.           A day in the life of Phil Davidson:
As a lawyer, my days are filled with reading and writing; reading cases, writing briefs, pleadings and letters and other documents.  When I’m not reading or writing, I am meeting with clients or potential clients, taking depositions or appearing in Court.  My days are long and in many instances frustrating because I’ve learned that justice and the law are not always the same.
2.           What inspired you to write Dreamer?
I wrote dreamer based on my own experiences in Vietnam and wanting to tell a story about warriors and how they think and act.  Once I had these things in mind I realized that, like a lot of soldiers, I felt overwhelming grief and shame at having survived. So how did that come to be?  The only explanation to me was that God had spared me.  I then made up my mind to tell a story about how God could offer redemption to warriors.
  1. What do you want people to know about Dreamer?
I want people to know that Dreamer is a book worth reading.  It made Amazon’s Best Sellers List. It is packed with action and filled with redemption.  What individual that has fallen would not love the opportunity to rise again and overcome the challenges that have faced them.  Dreamer is the story of the fallen who got back up.  It is for mature audiences.  Everyone will not like the book because it is very realistic.  But if you can handle the worst elements in life and hold on, you will be highly entertained and love the ending.  It’s a great book.
4.           Why are mentors important?
I have never had a mentor to aid me in writing.  But I have had mentors in other areas, college and the army.  A mentor is someone that you believe in and that believes in you – and lets you know that.  He is a person that attempts to “show you the way” in a specific endeavor, to “clear the path” so to speak.  But I believe for a novice in any endeavor, a mentor can be valuable.
5.           Inside the mind of an author:
I think that fiction authors all have one common thought process: they want to create something that doesn’t exist.  And in doing this they attempt to make the story as interesting as possible and the characters believable and someone the reader can connect with.
6.           How can writing be a form of therapy?
Any psychologist will tell you that talking about a subject that is bothering someone is good therapy.  “Getting it out”.  Soldiers who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder have repressed horrifying thoughts, and in order to deal with those thoughts a good therapist will attempt to have them talk and bring the harmful thoughts to the surface where they can be dealt with.  It goes the same for writing.  Lots of writers use the written word to express their strong feelings about subjects found in war, death and love.
Phil Davidson is a practicing attorney in Nashville, TN and author of the book Dreamer a number 1 Amazon Best Selling Book. Dreamer is a novel about redemption and the power of God to restore the fallen. It is available on This book has been written to inspire everyone and especially those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that there is a place for recovery in the arms of God.

The fiery relationship between Captain David Eliott and beautiful lover and wife Sonny creates a drama that will cross continents. She is the light of his world and suddenly disappears under the worst circumstances, which causes David to again become the man that he swore to forget. This military drama is full of intrigue and redemption.

Phil Davidson’s book Dreamer is dedicated to preserving the bond of brotherhood that military members commit to, shows the power of faith in overcoming life’s most adverse situations, shows the strength of families working through challenges, and the healing from trauma that occurs by becoming bold enough to face the enemies of your past.
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Genre - Military Fiction
Rating – PG-18
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