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@_William_Knight's 10 Ways You Can Write & Still Bring Up Young Children? #Crime #Horror

Saturday, March 29, 2014

All writers need more time. But where to get it from? You can't give up the day job since that pays the bills and puts food on the table, and when you're at home the children take up so much time you can't spend so much as a minute inside your own head. Here then are ten ways you can find the time to write even if you had children, but please don't take these ideas too seriously ;-)
  1. Buy a playpen-- playpens have gone out of fashion, but they never did me any harm. A playpen nicely situated in a soundproof room will give you hours of time. Use baby monitors if you must but turn them to low so that only persistent and emergency howls will break your concentration.
  2. Use bedtime stories for character and plot development. What does your character want really badly? What is getting in his way? What flaw in the character will stop  him enjoying the thing once he gets it? All these questions are perfect for developing kids stories.
  3. Encourage play dates. We all know that having other kids round keeps our own from moaning and complaining. “Dad, can you do this? Dad, can you do that?  Dad, Tommy pulled my hair.” etc.
  4. Get a partner. If you don't have one already then a partner is perfect for handing the kids to while you being the next opus. There are many online places to find a partner these days, and once you have one they can't usually get away without a lengthy process. This will give you plenty of time to write, and if they do manage to get away then it's normally simple to find another. (I just have to look in my in box for all the offers).
  5. Get a divorce. Have you noticed that divorced parents share the children. This means you can spend at least half your life writing while you ex takes care of the little darlings.
  6. Steal your kids ideas. We all know children have fertile imaginations and that they can creatively out-think adults. Utilise this skill where you can to find interesting plot twists and situation.
  7. Employ your kids computer skills for digital marketing. Kids come out of the womb able to work Twitter and Facebook. Get them maintaining your auto tweets and review responses so you don't have to bother with all that online guff when you'd rather be writing. This has an added benefit that the kids always want screen time and now you can simply sit them in front of a computer for hours on end engaged in useful work.
  8. Drop them at their Grandparents without notice. Your parents always expected you would turn out irresponsible and reckless, so don't disappoint them.
  9. Experiment with new emotions for your characters: Raising kids will drive you mental. Note how angry you get and use it for character development. Troublesome kids are best in this regard, and you will only ever be a few moments away from a unique perspective on life that you can use in your writing.
  10. Daily chores. While children are young you will have to clean up after them. But within a few short years you will be able to put them to work cleaning and tidying. Don't skimp. It is character building for the children and the time you save will allow you to put in another few hundred words a day.
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