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Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Lynn Murphy #amreading #christian #romance

Saturday, March 1, 2014

  1. I know the words to at least one song from every Broadway musical. Well, maybe not every musical, but close. My husband does not think this is something to be proud of. Neither he or my two teenage sons share my enjoyment of this genre of music. I’m also well versed on Cole Porter’s music too, many of which are Broadway songs. I get a lot of my book titles from these songs,  so it has paid off a little.
  2. I’m an expert on The Holocaust. At least I’ve been recognized as being such. I’m a two time winner of The Margot Stern Strom Teaching Award from Facing History and Ourselves and have over 75 hours of instruction in teaching the Holocaust and Human behavior to middle and high school students. I’m also a semi-finalist for The Irena Sendlar Award.  I teach about The Holocaust in both my English and my Art classes and have written two books about the concentration camp Terezin, Terezin Twilight and When The Butterflies Flew Away.
  3. I love sushi. I really do. Especially the angry dragon roll at Green Ginger- it’s fabulous. Every year at Christmas my husband and I have shopping and sushi- we eat sushi somewhere and do all our Christmas shopping.
  4. I can sing the Greek alphabet. Learned how to do it during rush in college- never forgot it! Alpha Beta Gamma Delta….and I was an Alpha Gamma Delta.
  5. I’m a good cook.  I love to cook and have people over for dinner. Paella anyone?
  6. I want to visit Ireland. I did even before I married someone who is almost 100% Irish. I’d love to take photos there. Not sure about hanging upside down to kiss the Blarney stone, though.
  7. I really enjoy visiting art museums. Yes, it’s true. I love wandering through museums. I’ve drug my poor husband to a dozen all over the country. He’s a good sport, but he doesn’t love it like I do.
  8. I can quote Monty Python and The Holy Grail. Actually, my whole family can. (What is the air speed velocity of a sparrow carrying a coconut?)
  9. I drive a little silver sports car. A G35 actually. My only criteria when I started looking was a two door car that didn’t look like a mom car. I love my car, almost as much as I love my Brahmin bag.
  10. I wrote Dream A Little Dream. And the other books in the series, Look To The Rainbow, Only For You, Just Thinking Of You, and Save the Last Dance For Me.
Madison Walker never planned on falling for her boss when she accepted a teaching position at The Newport School For The Deaf. Seamus Lansing is handsome, wealthy, athletic, charming- and hearing impaired himself. As the only hearing person in her own family, Madison isn't sure she wants a long term relationship with someone who can't hear but she can't deny that she is attracted to Seamus. As their romance develops, Seamus will find himself questioning things he never considered about his disability.
Jim O'Brien has achieved worldwide acclaim for his musical ability. When unexpected circumstances threaten to take away his ability to play the piano how will it affect his recent marriage to Lady Berry Harrington?
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Genre - Romance, Christian
Rating – G
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