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Friday, March 14, 2014

It is said that at least once in every person’s life, they will dream of angels…
The sky flared white. Rain slammed down on the bus shelter and Martin’s shoulders tensed. The rainstorm had washed away the glue and colour of an old poster and it hung, blank, from the plexiglass.
Darcy pointed into the distance.
‘Did you see that?’
‘See what?’
‘Look! No, not there. Over there.’
Darcy pointed towards the trees near the side of the school. Martin squinted. It was hard to see through the wall of rain. All over the world, it had been raining continuously for three weeks.
The planet had been taken, quite literally, by storm. Even expert meteorologists were unsure of what to make of the freak weather. Martin King had heard several proposed explanations.
‘…the Royal Meteorological Society has suggested that these prolonged storms may be due to a shifting of the Moon’s gravitational pull…’
‘…the worldwide storms could be natural phenomena that occur once every ten thousand years…’
But Martin wasn’t convinced. There was something else—a dark feeling in the air, a sense of evil on the wind.
‘I thought I saw someone behind that tree,’ said Darcy. ‘Must have been my imagination. I’ll lay off the coffee… and the vodka.’
She grinned. Martin glanced at her; her fair hair was dripping with rain and her eyes glinted in the mist. Darcy was exactly Martin’s age, but she already had the body of a woman.
‘It’s June!’ she shouted, over the rain. ‘The middle of June! We should be sunbathing, not drowning.’
She laughed and Martin stopped thinking about the storm. He was with Darcy, and that was the only thing that mattered. Because he loved her. He caught the smell of her flowery perfume on the rain.
I love you, Darcy. I love you so, so much.
Martin and Darcy had been friends for as long as either of them could remember. Although they were different in many ways, they also had much in common, including their love of books. Another thing they shared was their absolute trust in one other.
Martin felt he could tell Darcy anything. But not quite everything. There was one secret he kept from her—the one secret he wished he could share—the secret of his love for her.
But his greatest fear was that Darcy would never love him back. That was love—the most magnificent, breath-taking feeling. Yet, somehow, also the most painful.
Martin opened his mouth… and closed it again. He stared at Darcy, trying to somehow draw courage from her.
She fixed her blue eyes on him.
Will you go out with me? Will you be my girlfriend?
‘Never mind,’ he muttered.
"The book draws you into its world in the same way that the Harry Potter books do." Kophi (5 -star Reviewer).
"If you like Percy Jackson, Twilight, or The Mortal Instruments, chances are you'll love Martin King." Teen eBook Review.
"Reminiscent of Ron, Harry and Hermione." Lucinda (5-star Reviewer).
"Martin King is something like a cross between Harry Potter and Frodo." Meghan (Top 500 Reviewer).
Martin King is just an ordinary teenage boy in love with a girl… until he gets a superpower.
An evil force called XO5 is looking for something on Earth – something dangerous. Martin King and his friends must find it first.
Martin, Darcy and Tommy soon find themselves caught up in a massive, universal conspiracy.
But who really is the mysterious XO5 – and what does he want with Martin?
This is the first book in the electrifying Martin King series. With it's gripping plot, exciting characters and readability, the book has been compared to the novels of of J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan and Cassandra Clare. Martin King and the Space Angels has been described as a "majestic masterpiece" and "one of the most entertaining YA fantasy-science fiction novels". If you're looking for a thrilling, sensational, romantic page-turner from an exciting new author, you'll love Martin King.
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Genre - Young Adult, Teen, Sci-Fi
Rating – PG
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