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What You Didn’t Know About "Promised Land" by C. D. Verhoff @CDVerhoff #scifi #fantasy

Saturday, February 8, 2014

 10 Things You Didn’t Know About  Promised Land: A Galatia Novel
1)    The tale of Josie Albright and Lars Steelsun was originally a few lines of back story in a manuscript called, Guardians Arise. Over time, I became so enamored with their tale of love and woe, I put the completion of Guardians Arise aside to flesh it out into its own novel, the one promoted here today.
2)    Before I was born, my father was seriously injured in an industrial accident. Bedridden, unable to work, my mother took care of him while looking after three young daughters. Great Aunt Josie didn’t have a lot of money herself, but my family had food on the table and managed to pay the bills because of her generosity. Thankfully, my father slowly recovered and was able to return to work. Despite his protests, Aunt Josie continued to buy bags of groceries for the family until she died at the ripe old age of eighty-four. The main character in my novel, Josephine Albright, was named in honor of her.
3)    The seed of the series was planted more than twenty years ago when I was a senior in high school. I had a part-time job as a receptionist in a law office. On a slow Thursday afternoon, I began my first novel. Some of the ideas and characters born that day made the jump to Promised Land.
4)    Way back when, I followed my sister around for three days to tell her the plotline for the series. She tried to ditch me, but she couldn’t get rid of me.
5)    Promised Land was originally twice as long. I moved portions of it to the second book in the series, Seeker of the Four Winds.
6)    Most fantasy novels are relatively clean, so having sexual situations in Promised Land and its sequel has given me a lot of angst. After a debate with myself, I thought they were important to show the controlling nature of one of the characters, so I kept them in.
7)    I chose Ohio for the location of the bunker for a simple reason--I live in Ohio.
8)    Midwestern and pop culture associations are part of the series. I use them like props on a stage to create juxtaposition between the old world and the new.
9)    Most of my family and friends are supportive of all of my writing ambitions, but only a handful of them have expressed interest in reading my books. This was disappointing, but it served as a valuable lesson. Don’t assume too much. Don’t expect too much. People have different tastes, busy schedules and some of them simply don’t like to read.
10) One of my nieces has Erbs Palsy. That’s why I gave the physical condition to one of my characters, Lars Steelsun. My niece has as mild case—hence, so does Lars. Erbs Palsy is nerve damage, frequently caused by a botched delivery during the birthing process. The damage results in permanent weakness in the muscles, reduced range of motion, and physical deformities.
The last survivors of the human race are riding out nuclear winter in an underground bunker when disaster strikes. Forced to the surface centuries ahead of schedule, what they find blows their minds. Who can explain it? Two social misfits work together to unravel the mystery.
After living in a posh underground shelter his entire life, Lars Steelsun is plunged headfirst into a mind-blowing adventure on the surface of the Earth. As Lars and his displaced bunker mates are led across the grasslands by Mayor Wakeland, a man of questionable sanity who claims to talk with God, they discover a primitive world where human beings are no longer welcome. Even more mystifying is the emergence of new senses and abilities from within. 
Learning to use them has become a priority, but his biggest challenge comes from the vivacious Josie Albright. Her lust for glory is going to get them both into trouble. Sparks fly when her gung ho ways clash with his cautious personality. Can they overcome their differences to find love and a homeland for their people?
May not be suitable for younger readers. Contains mild profanity, sexual situations (infrequent), and violence. 
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Genre - Epic Fantasy
Rating – R
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