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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why writing is a form of personal therapy

I’ve always wanted to write, and always have for the most part. As previously mentioned, I did poetry for a while, and a long, long time ago I wrote songs and the music that went with them. I broke a finger that never healed correctly and made it impossible to play a guitar anymore. A little over 5 years ago I was laid off from a job and it was just as jobs became few and far between. I was extremely frustrated I couldn’t find a job; my stress level was through the roof, my blood pressure went sky high and my self-worth suffered. But I finally had no excuses NOT to write. I jumped into it and found writing soothed my current issues to some extent. To sit down with these characters I consider dear friends, and see what came flying out of my fingertips that made them seem so real to me, was good therapy. I felt like I was accomplishing something I wanted to do. I felt proud of these characters. It was a wonderful boost to my ego. I have some hard core fans, and it makes me feel so glad I continued to write.


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