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#AmReading - Blood and Gasoline by Elisa Anderson @eliasanderson

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Blood and Gasoline by Elisa Anderson


His father suffering with fatal cancer, Cody is forced to reunite with the violent, alcoholic tyrant of his childhood. Requiring expensive, live in care, Cody is tethered to the old man by guilt and duty, and there is no one else but him to step up to the task. Feeling trapped, Cody becomes desperate for a different life.
While restrained by caring for his father, Cody meets Perla, and the different life he dreamed of begins taking shape. When he brings her home to meet his father, however, Avery snaps, insulting and degrading the woman Cody has fallen in love with. Every relationship has secrets. Some darker than others , including the drunken accident that left Cody without a mother. With time running out, Cody and his father work to shed light on their dark past before cancer claims the relationship each of them seeks. Things get better, but as always, it is only for a while...


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