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Author Interview – Jamie Denton

Saturday, August 3, 2013

How do you write—laptop, pen, paper, in bed, at a desk? All of the above. I have a desktop computer in my home office, a lovely room that’s girly and frilly and pink. I spend a fair amount of time there, but I also use a laptop and write in my favorite chair in the family room. It’s downstairs and closer to the coffee maker, for one. Sometimes I prefer silence, sometimes I prefer music and sometimes I want the television on as background noise. My process is never the same. It varies from book to book.

What motivates you to write? I wish I could say it was the pitiful balance of my retirement account, but unfortunately, that only stresses me out and stymies my creativity. The truth is, my characters motivate me. Once they come alive for me, there’s no stopping my creative process. If they have a story that needs told, then I’m there to tell it.

How did you develop your writing? By learning everything I could about the craft of writing. In fact, I’m always learning something new. While I haven’t attended a basic craft workshop in years, I do attend more advanced workshops on various aspects of writing. I remain of the firm belief that if you reach that point in your career where you think you’ve learned all there is to know about writing, then it’s time to put down the laptop and walk away. Never become too arrogant to learn new things.

I’ve been at this business for almost twenty-five years. Next year will be the 20th anniversary of my first sale. I still attend workshops, both online and in person. I also give a fair number of workshops throughout the year. What better way to deepen your own writing education than through research?

What genre are you most comfortable writing? Typically, I write in two genres, sexy contemporary romances and romantic suspense. I’m published with Harlequin and have written for many lines, however I have been primarily published with Blaze and the now defunct Temptation. I’ve also written super sexy novellas and romantic suspense novels for Kensington Brava and have participated in a Lori Foster charity project for Berkley. While SPELLBOUND is an historical romance I thoroughly enjoyed writing, sexy contemporaries and romantic suspense are the two main genres in my wheelhouse

What are your goals as a writer? My goal as a writer isn’t to change the world, but only to make someone’s day a little brighter. If I can make someone forget their troubles for a short time while they’re (hopefully) immersed in one of my novels, then I have done my job.

I had a very difficult pregnancy when I was carrying my middle child, and as a result, ended up bedridden for several months. I was going crazy with boredom, so my sister-in-law brought me a huge grocery sack filled with books, 90% of which were romances. Every day I lost myself in the stories, the characters and for those hours, I forgot about my own problems. That experience is the reason I became a writer. So each and every day that I sit down to write, my purpose is to tell a story that will hopefully allow someone else to escape for just a little while.


Five authors contribute five novellas to this romantic collection set over centuries, in one home on the Albemarle Sound.

Home is where the heart is…

One stately residence on North Carolina’s Albemarle Sound. Five stories of heart-warming romance. Told against the backdrop of the Civil War, the loss of an unsinkable ship, the patriotic zeal of the second world war, the heart-rending conflict of Vietnam, and the thrill of modern day Nascar, Jamie Denton, S. K. McClafferty, Kathleen Shoop, Marcy Waldenville, and J. D. Wylde deliver a variety pack of poignant, sexy, and sweet.

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Genre – Romance

Rating – R

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