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Agushaya (Priestess of Nergal) by Zarug Thane

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Granted mortal form by of Nergal, God of the Underworld, Agushaya soon discovers that her new body is consumed by a shameful weakness. As she struggles to control the supernatural desires within her, Agushaya finds herself indebted to Seth, a mischievous servant of Loki, God of Chaos. Discovering Agushaya’s weakness, Seth begins to exploit it, luring her ever deeper into depravity.

Accompanied by the muscular but submissive Ragnar and the shy concubine Zoar, Agushaya and Seth travel through a post-apocalyptic landscape where the Resurgence of science and decadence seeks to overthrow the morality and discipline of the Blessed Ignorance. They battle bandits and ride fusion-powered riverboats in search of an artifact of unmentionable power.

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Genre - Erotic Fantasy

Rating – NC17

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