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Author Interview – Brian Cormack Carr

Sunday, July 28, 2013

What scares you the most? I try not to dwell on scary things, but I don’t really fear much for myself.  I just tend to think I’ll figure things out and do the best I can. My greatest hope is that the people I care about don’t suffer.  I suppose that’s the control-freak in me coming out.  I worry that something will happen to them that I can’t do anything about.  Something else that can strike fear into the heart of most writers – writer’s block!

What makes you happiest? Overall, being with the people I care about – family and friends.  But I think I’m happiest in the moment when I’m writing, though.  People talk about being “in the zone” and that’s how I feel when I’m in full writing flow.

What’s your greatest character strength? Well, I hope it’s my ability to care about other people and other living creatures.  I don’t think there’s much more important than that in the long run.  I’m also tenacious.  If I really want something, I’ll go all out to get it.

What’s your weakest character trait? I can become a bit obsessive and forget to relax.  If I’m working on a writing project I have to really discipline myself to tear myself away so that I don’t knock myself out.

Why do you write? Because it feels natural to me, and because I find that I have something to say.  Most of all because I enjoy it!  I’ve always written but have only got serious about developing my writing career the past couple of years.

Have you always enjoyed writing? Always, always.  It was my favourite subject at school, and I won a couple of creative writing competitions when I was younger.  I even ‘wrote’ stories before I could write words.  When I was very small, I invented a marvellous super hero called BAM! and I used to tell myself stories by drawing pictures of him in action on my toy blackboard.  I’d draw one picture, then rub it out and draw the next to advance the story – almost like a comic strip.  Unfortunately, because I only had a small blackboard and had to keep rubbing out the pictures, absolutely no evidence of BAM! now exists.  But I’m telling you – he was amazing.  He’d definitely give Superman a run for his money.


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Genre –  NonFiction / Careers

Rating – G

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